Corporate Team Building Events

Corporate team building events are fun and motivate employees to be more productive while working together more efficiently. Players on championship sports teams rarely talk about how great they did as an individual but rather, heap praise on the team as a whole. A group of people working together as a cohesive team is far more powerful than the sum of individual strengths. Well organized team building events are an excellent investment in any business and always provide great results.

Corporate Team Building Process

Modern businesses often use teams to achieve goals rather than individuals. Teams can produce a better quality result from combined ideas so building effective teams is critical to success. Therefore, leaders spend a lot of time learning how to build the best teams in the shortest time. Donald B. Egolf, Ph.D, an expert in the field, identifies four stages of team building: forming, storming, norming, and performing.


The forming stage is a “get to know you” phase where teams are polite and courteous to fellow team members. Like meeting new people at a social function, people tend to be on their best behavior. The forming phase tends to be brief before moving to the storming phase.


The storming phase is where personal clashes begin so team leads need to pay attention. This phase will see a variety of natural human behaviors arise. For instance, individual behaviors begin to cause irritations and friction. Additionally, team members feel secure voicing their different opinions on what to do or how to proceed.


The norming phase is where team leads step up so the team can find ways to work together. For instance, a team lead may define agreements on how to deal with different ideas that all will abide by. These operational guides are critical to team success. As a result, teams learn how to function despite any differences.


When the norming process is handle well, the team reaches the performing stage. Like a well oiled machine, an effective team achieves goals through teamwork and mutual support.

Corporate Team Building Value

Getting the entire team, from CEOs to the newest employees, out for some fun activities is a great way to inspire morale. Dream up your ideal team building activities or ask us for some ideas. If you want to move your team to the championship level, a great team building day may be just the thing. Get in touch with Meeting Dynamics and we will organize an event that will supercharge the whole team!

People enjoying a team building game

Corporate Team Building Events Services:

  • Team Building Activities
  • Training and development
  • Amazing Race
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Charity challenges
  • Outdoor Adventures