Film Production Logistics

We are proud to be one of the few planning companies offering film production logistics services to the entertainment industry. Production assistants, location managers, and film executives find our services to be invaluable when searching for guest accommodations and housing for their crews. We have provided services to feature films, commercial, catalogue shoots and short films throughout the United States. Working with film crews has enabled us to provide what crews need for a pleasurable and productive stay. After all, a happy crew is a productive crew!

Why Meeting Dynamics?

Film production often involves many people including actors, models and crew who are paid well. Getting the film shoots done efficiently is important to meeting budget goals. Therefore, film production logistics is critical and you need a team with experience to keep everything and everyone on track. Turn to the pros at Meeting Dynamics to keep your production wired tight!

Crew benefitting from film production logistics

Film Production Logistics Services:

  • Liaison to film commissions
  • Crew housing
  • Hotel contract negotiation
  • Preferred star treatment
  • Transportation
  • Commercial shoots
  • Catalogue shoots
  • Equipment transportation