Incentive Travel

Incentive travel is used to reward workers to achieve specific business goals. For example, hitting sales targets, production output or customer service targets may be good goals for reward. Incentive travel usually involves multi-day trips to fun places as a show of thanks. Likewise, incentive events are designed to reward people or teams for a job well done. For instance, tickets to a sporting event, a night of laser tag or even dinner at a fine restaurant can inspire a team. In short, people like to be acknowledged for hard work and incentive travel can be a great investment.

Incentive travel has impact longer than cash rewards so they are among the best motivators available to employers.  Great incentive travel helps sales by recognizing achievements, rewarding top performers and boosting loyalty from staff. The expense pays off easily with a happy, motivated workforce and higher morale.

Why Meeting Dynamics?

A well executed incentive program is more than just a great vacation, it drives growth. Above all, it’s about motivation for your team and customers. Ignoring the before and after value of the event is one of the most common mistakes we see. The incentive should be highlighted well before the actual event so all are aware and involved. Likewise, the event should be promoted to all after the event to continue inspiring. This helps you get the most value from the reward expense.

Incentive programs are most successful when they are consistently on the minds of employees. Cash incentives often don’t feel like a reward. Workers view cash as income and are more likely to spend it on paying bills instead of rewarding themselves. Incentive travel is experiential, unlike points, gift cards, and cash so it is more memorable. Our team can build and maintain buzz for your incentive program to maximize value while boosting morale.

We design trips that inspire your team to continue being the best. In addition, they motivate others to hit their goals and advocate for your brand. Great events require a clear view of the company’s goals and defined ROI. We research great locations, unusual venues, cool entertainment and engaging activities. As a result, we provide events that are not soon forgotten and help the whole team.

Woman in pool on an tropical incentive travel reward

Incentive Travel Services Include:

  • Cool destinations
  • Contract support
  • Awesome activities
  • Offsite venue selection
  • Transport services
  • Registration websites
  • Corporate gifts